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First Amendment

Freedom of speech or offensive trademark?

There's a band calling themselves "The Band Who Must Not Be Named" due to an ongoing Supreme Court case. The Asian-American rock group The Slants went to trial on Jan. 18 to decide whether the Supreme Court would allow their... Continue Reading →


The war over words

I think this sums it up best…

Progressive Culture | Scholars & Rogues

Politicians have always sought the power to control the meaning of language. But now this open warfare has raced past reprehensible to dangerous for democracy.

language-has-powerIn the vicious descent to American unexceptionalism that politicians and their rich supporters are hellbent on winning (common folk and consequences be damned), the election has become a continuing chase for the authority to control language.

That’s what modern power has become: the ability to define a word, and to prevent others from doing so. Politicians rarely make coherent arguments any more; they instead try to co-opt the meanings of words. That’s why debates have been nonsensical: Candidates may utter the same words, but the meanings they assign to those words are vastly different.

Consider just one particular word.

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#TrumpCaseNotes deliver sarcasm

Legal pun hashtags are to a lawyer as Saturday Night Live is to the television viewer. Both are entirely necessary. Recently, #TrumpCaseNotes began trending on Twitter, mocking Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's views on specific past legal cases. From one legal geek to another,... Continue Reading →

When a retraction letter is too good not to post…

Sometimes, (sarcasm) lawyers can speak for themselves. Below is Donald Trump's attorney's letter demanding a retraction for the New York Times report on two women claiming Trump inappropriately touched them. Below is the New York Times response to Trump's attorney's retraction letter, thanks to... Continue Reading →

How MNF interpreted the First Amendment

Before Monday Night Football (MNF) used British composer Johnny Pearson's song "Heavy Action" as the official theme song, American songwriter Hank Williams Jr.'s "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight" could be heard on Monday evening's ESPN football broadcasts.... Continue Reading →

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