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Legal community must be reactive to gene-editing technology

It's no secret that technology develops at a rate incomparable to that of law. As the legal community grapples to regulate AI, the music industry, and social media, another industry seeks legal attention: gene editing. The gene-editing company CRISPR Therapeutics,... Continue Reading →


Freedom of speech or offensive trademark?

There's a band calling themselves "The Band Who Must Not Be Named" due to an ongoing Supreme Court case. The Asian-American rock group The Slants went to trial on Jan. 18 to decide whether the Supreme Court would allow their... Continue Reading →

The music industry, intellectual property, and Trump walk into a room

Today, I was frustrated that American media outlets seemingly focused more on Kanye West's meeting with President-elect Donald Trump than the crisis in Aleppo, Syria. As a journalist, certain stories should take priority. As readers, we need to better prioritize what news we consume. However, West may have... Continue Reading →

The AI takeover

In my last post, I explained my worries as a female law school applicant entering the legal profession. But I neglected to mention how one invention may change nearly everything about how the job market functions. I think the advent... Continue Reading →

Worries from a law school applicant

I'm worried. But my concern doesn't stem from the upcoming finals week, law school applications, or that first episode of the Gilmore Girls revival that I just watched (Rory, is that you?!). Rather, I'm worried about my future employment prospect... Continue Reading →

Best of the best: legal blogs

For the tenth consecutive year, the ABA Journal has released a list of the top 100 law blogs. After taking a look, here are some of my favorites: Excess of Democracy Derek T. Muller, professor at the Pepperdine University School of Law,... Continue Reading →

Lawyers are on the NFL field, too

On Thanksgiving Day, you may see more lawyers on TV than you realize. No, it's not the many Law & Order: SVU marathons or Edgar Snyder commercials appearing on your screen, rather, 90 percent of NFL referees have full-time second jobs and some... Continue Reading →

The prison problem and how to address mass incarceration

The United States has a prison problem. More specifically, mass incarceration needs a major overhaul. Home to 5 percent of the world's population, the U.S. makes up 25 percent of the world's prisoners. Prison overcrowding costs taxpayers amounts that, frankly,... Continue Reading →

The war over words

I think this sums it up best…

Progressive Culture | Scholars & Rogues

Politicians have always sought the power to control the meaning of language. But now this open warfare has raced past reprehensible to dangerous for democracy.

language-has-powerIn the vicious descent to American unexceptionalism that politicians and their rich supporters are hellbent on winning (common folk and consequences be damned), the election has become a continuing chase for the authority to control language.

That’s what modern power has become: the ability to define a word, and to prevent others from doing so. Politicians rarely make coherent arguments any more; they instead try to co-opt the meanings of words. That’s why debates have been nonsensical: Candidates may utter the same words, but the meanings they assign to those words are vastly different.

Consider just one particular word.

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