Amica Legis

By Rachel Konieczny


September 2016

The cereal that started a lawsuit

Kellogg's famous Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal would have never became a reality if it wasn't for the expiration of two 1912 patents and some rebranding. In 1893, Henry Perky developed Shredded Whole Wheat cereal, displaying it at the World Fair in... Continue Reading →


Does Friday prevent music piracy?

Do you know what day music is globally released? In the U.S., the music industry traditionally released new music on Tuesday. On July 10, 2015, "New Music Tuesday" became "New Music Friday"  to appease the global music industry. Led by the International... Continue Reading →

Why “IP” matters

Innovation protection. That's not what "IP" stands for, but it's essentially the definition of the ambiguous term.

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